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Thank you, Michelle Fahy, your commentary is bang on the truth.

I have often pondered when will the facts overcome the hype and stupidity that is practiced in every government department, including Australia's Intelligence Headquarters and Australia's Foreign Affairs Department. The USA weapons manufacturing corporations (now firmly established in Australia and are secretly engaged in illegal arms sales overseas with the nod of Australia's Defense Department Officials and the Lying Lib/Nat coalition party.

Minister Marise Payne is a rusted on Human Rights Abuser, see Papua/West Papua, Timor Leste prior and post being granted Independence.

The World already knows about the Howard lies of his halting the East Timorese Massacres.

Howard and Downer deny having signed a secret pact with the USA and Indonesia to eradicate all East Timorese indigenous people, however the truth has revealed otherwise about the treachery of the three above-mentioned.

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