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Thankyou for this article, Michelle. William Boeder’s comment is exemplary, too. I was alarmed when Albo and Marles didn't baulk, didn’t bother to explain to the electorate why this AUKUS deal was not going to be brought under some sort of control or annihilated altogether.

The new world order referred to by the PM at the ALP conference in Brisbane this year is already not quite so new. With China’s economy destabilising, how secure is President Xi? USA is destabilised and destabilising flagrantly. Will it collapse into civil discord? What will happen toAUKUS if a Trump familiar becomes president? Both USA and China may be focused on domestic not foreign insurrection. And Australia ought to be focused on saving the species threatened by the climate crisis, not spending to annihilate the entire planet.


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Dear Michelle, what an excellent report you have provided, I am very proud of you & your capacity to provide these alarmingly relevant reports. The corruption runs deep amongst all of our nation's criminally culpable local & overseas Arms & Weapons manufacturing corporations.

Australia's Weapons Procurement program forms a major portion of Australia's Defence Department, that in itself...has been infiltrated by a great many former Prime Minsters who had given the green light to this gargantuan scamming over Australia's millions of honest hard toiling taxpayers.

One has to wonder how many of Australia's elite & highly-lauded academics are involved in these evil & "treason-like engagements?

No amount of criminal wrongs can ever become a legal right.

Both of our nation's major political parties, yes, both the Liberal/National party, as well as our nation's Labor party both are outrageously proven full guilty notably when PM Tony Albanese had accepted that the new AUKUS ally strangle-hold agreement was acceptable to his new leadership self that has actually destroyed the fidelity claimed by his political self.

Imagine, both political party's share the blame for the lacklustre skew-eyed persons that become our appointed "Governors-General.

This same is also applicable to Australia's mainstream media publishers, they without any doubt are fully complicit to all the fetid corruption you have reported in the above.

Imagine the outrageous amount of wasted multi-Billions of our taxpayer dollars, so much so recklessly expended?

Each of the good people expressed in my below opinion, include your very informed good self, Australia's Auditor General, Mr Grant Hehir, then the former Navy Chief Mr David Shackleton, you alone appear to be one of the foremost patriotic citizens to be found in our nation.

May you each be nominated for all manner of our nation's rewarding Gongs, there is no doubt

that you will continue to be one of Australia's most respected citizen researchers 's & author persons that will & must be recorded in the full history of our nation.

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